Weeknote#17 Hard Hats, 3D Prototypes & Studio Warming

Last week, we got the opportunity to visit the project site for our interactive art installation, at the Seaholm Redevelopment Project. The feature wall that sits at center of the site, is a three storey wall and right next to the stairway of the underground parking lot. The site is still under construction but getting closer to finish line each day. It was good to see the site and meet the amazing team that is making it all come to life. Austin as a city did not disappoint as well. It is home to some mouth watering barbeque and a wide variety of food trucks. We hope to be back soon to talk shop and to enjoy the city.


Our other project in Scottsdale is also moving along. We 3D printed a pixel prototype that is made of polyamide that is 9” in diameter and 7.5” in depth (half the size of the original pixel), at the New Lab facility in Navy Yard. The pixel will hold LEDs and arduino pro minis which in turn will communicate with local wifi network and will programmatically light up, to mimic games like frogger and pong that people across the canal can play/control using their phones.

We are also settling into our new space in Dumbo and had a studio warming party the week before last to celebrate the new space. The gathering was a huge success and the space was filled with people from different disciplines coming from neighborhoods near and far. We are happy that the studio is easily accessible and allows us to host people on a more regular basis.