Weeknote#15 Scottsdale, Silent Lights and SXSW.

There are a few things to report this week.

Last month we were awarded the opportunity to create a large scale interactive installation as a part of the Water + Art + Light Canal Convergence 2015 event organized by the Scottsdale Cultural Council in partnership with Salt River Project (SRP). The project  is called PLAY ARRAY.

PLAY ARRAY is a real world game, taking gaming out of our phones and computers, and placing it in a public venue for people to enjoy, and in turn create conversations and connections.  It takes inspiration from the classic video games like ‘Pong’ and ‘Frogger’ and will be installed in the Arizona Canal at the Scottsdale Waterfront for a duration of 3 months starting February next year. (image above)

We’ve also been doing some maintenance work on Silent Lights. Some of the rust ridden panels were repainted with rust retardants, the site was cleaned, and the lights were debugged. The project looks brand new. For the upcoming Afro Punk Fest, we are playing with ideas to create engagement with the music and the audience coming in to the enjoy the music. (keep scrolling)

Last but not the least, we are hoping to organize a meetup around the future of digital physical design at SXSW next year. We’ll be there around that time creating an interactive piece for the Seaholm Power Plant. The project would align really well with our meetup idea and we hope to optimize on that and meet interesting people in the process. Please vote for us if you’d like to see the meetup realized.

Vote to see my session at SXSW 2015!