Weeknote#10 UMI in Scottsdale Arizona & an article on unexpected creativity

Last year we won a commission to create a light based interactive intervention at the Scottsdale Waterfront for the Canal Convergence Festival.“Canal Convergence is an annual series of engaging and inspiring free events at the Scottsdale Waterfront featuring innovative large scale installations by local and international artists, hands-on activities, live music, performances, and Artisan Market’s urban marketplace experience.”

Last week we were in Scottsdale Arizona to check out the festival. We wanted to understand the context, get to know the people involved, do some research on the urbanscape and overall get away from cold and dreary NYC to warmer climates. The city did not disappoint. It is vibrant and happening. Next year we plan to return with a project to install in the canal.

In other news Peter Biľak, the founder of design magazine Works that Work gave a riveting lecture at the SVA D-Crit Program yesterday. Works that Work is a magazine about unexpected creativity.  Shagun contributed an article about an inventor in India – Arunachalam Muruganantham who invented a machine that can create sanitary pads for cheap. He further constructed a business model that allows local women to operate the machine and trade pads for goods like vegetables and other house hold items. The article is aptly called ‘Pads for Potatoes’. You can buy a physical copy or a digital copy or both here.

Photo Apr 02, 1 57 56 PM

Sumathi – one of the many local women who started the sanitary pad making business in Tamil Nadu, India.