Weeknote #2 for 2014 : Rentable experiences for events

As we try to shake off the winter blues and polar vortices, we continue research & brainstorm sessions that we started at the end of last year. We are defining ourselves further with each project we complete and are leaning towards creating more physical experiences this year. For now, we are looking into creating custom and rentable experiences for events and there are two categories that seem to interest us : conferences and weddings.

Whiteboarding opportunities for intervention

Whiteboarding opportunities for intervention

The two seemingly opposite gatherings inspire us to focus on the audiences and the interactions that happen there. Few questions that we’ve been asking ourselves  :

  • How do we make conferences less boring and more engaging?
  • How do we tackle the social awkwardness even fear that comes from attending a conference?
  • Is there a way we can make the attending experience less passive?
  • How can we really take away the content that was shared during a talk?

For weddings, we started thinking of receptions and how these events are traditionally structured. While there are a million of different ways to host a reception, we are trying to figure out how to add additional value and meaning to this event. What if we were to create a unique experience for each guest, perhaps each guest receives a unique personal story from the couple, or a conversation starter that initiates interaction between guests that meet for the first time.

As we resist the temptation to start designing the physical aspect of these ideas, it is clear that we want to focus on a ‘ice-breaker’ type of product and see how we can disrupt events by challenging the networking aspect of these events by combining new technology with a familiar social problem. More on this soon!