Project updates

Upcoming Projects:

Blue Print, our latest interactive installation for the Denver Arts & Venues located at Brighton Boulevard is in the process of being installed. We are expecting the project to open in December. The physical form is design engineered and fabricated by the hugely talented crew at Raw Creative in Denver, and the lighting design is being developed by their partner Dispersion. We are looking forward to the project finally being installed and being open to the public.

Long wall (picture by Raw Creative)

Tall wall (picture by Raw Creative)

We are also working on a co-operative saving platform called Prana, that allows people to save for big-ticket items in collaboration with their friends and family. This practice is very popular in immigrant communities and our hope is to bring it to mainstream America. Prana allows for no to low-interest credit for anyone with a robust social circle. This could be a very powerful tool for artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, anyone trying to not get tangled in the web of credit card debt and bank loans. Our beta app launches early next year so sign up on the Prana website if you would like to test it with your friends!

Past Projects:

We also wrapped up our self-initiated project titled Essential Pantry. The project started as a way to access context-driven information in a physical space. For example, a person’s need to access recipes while in the kitchen, or weather information when stepping out of the house. We were working on location-specific electronic stickers where a user could buy a pack and program them based on their lifestyle and place them strategically around their space. This idea was then narrowed down to focus on the kitchen area. We started working on a device that could record the food consumption and buying habits of the user which could in turn help streamline menu planning and grocery shopping. This project got further streamlined with a focus on software for meals that could be prepared using 8-12 ingredients. We discontinued all further work on this project last year because of a variety of reasons, that included how labor intensive it was, and the fact that we needed to partner with an online grocery provider out of the gate to even get an MVP. We spent 2 years off and on various iterations of this project and it taught us a lot about how to get simple ideas off the ground. If you have ideas that you worked on for a long time that didn’t come to fruition, I would love to chat with you regarding your learnings from it.

Panel Discussions:

Image courtesy Rick Lin

Image courtesy Jaishri Abichandani

We’ve also been talking about our work at various events and panels. Most recently I had the opportunity to be on a panel hosted by AIGA NY at the MAD museum. The focus was on socially engaged design, citizen design, and collective transformation. It was a diverse panel made up of incredibly smart women and it was an informative and enjoyable conversation.

In September, I was invited to speak on a panel as a part of the 2018 ASLA, AIA, APA Annual Conference: Designing a Carbon Neutral New York. I was able to talk about the impact of technological and data-driven aspects of Carbon Neutrality and how our project Airbare communicated some of the difficult to understand aspects of climate change.

Last July, I was invited by Jaishri Abichandani to be a part of the panel around Public Art discourse for a convening of mid-career South Asian artists called Fatal Love:  Where are we now. The event was hosted by Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center and Queens Museum.

New Team Member:

We also welcomed our son Arjan Singh Lin to the world last year and it has meant a level of work-life balance for both Rick and me. Our work is more focused and lives more fulfilled because of him.