Projctn Website

Encouraging collaboration in an emerging field

The Challenge

Projection design is concerned with the creation of film, motion graphics, and video technology for staged events such as theatre shows and art installations. Sven Ortel has been working on projection design projects for over a decade—a long time in a relatively new field—and he was seeking a way to promote an understanding of the profession and share his years of knowledge with other designers.

The Solution

We created a website, Projctn, that provides a platform for projection designers to showcase their work and share their thoughts on a wide range of topics, from aspect ratios to projector chips. Projctn is the first projection design website to provide a standardized taxonomy for the various terms used in projection design. Projctn also invites visitors to submit projects in order to create a comprehensive online archive of this emerging field.

The Technical Details

Projctn was developed using Drupal and other open source software.

Partnerships & Community

Projctn was made in consultation with projection designer Sven Ortel.

Commissioning Partner

Sven Ortel


Concept Design, Technical Development


April 2013