Panel : Parallel Urbanism; Local people regulating local spaces | Designwala

Parallel Urbanism Panel – Designwala from Urban Matter Inc on Vimeo.

Panelists – Lina SrivastavaJyoti Hosagrahar, John Gerarci

Date – Feb 28th at Wix Lounge NYC

The panel on Parallel Urbanism : local people regulating local spaces addressed the topic of involvement of community in the decision making processes pertaining to their environments. The three panelists from diverse fields of design, technology and strategy came together to talk about this topic through their own lens.

The discussion started with focusing on how the community might not always respond to projects pertaining to local development. That said, if the framework created for community involvement is user centric,  and if there is a process of building relationships with the community and engaging them in a meaningful conversation, the results can be truly groundbreaking. If such steps are not taken, even if the design or service for city, county or a neighborhood gets implemented, it will never be used in the way it was meant to be used since the there was no community input. The process of good design depends not just on what the local people want. Its about capacity building and making the community understand good and bad design and policy by the experts.