Installing Silent Lights



Silent Lights is finally up and running. It took us two and a half years to design, fund and build the project. 2013 was an important year for the project. We got the final two grants that made the project a possibility. This year was spent refining the final structural details of the gates alongside our fabricators. A considerable amount of time was spent coordinating with the electrical contractors and the DOT to prep the site so that the project was structurally stable and not an electrical hazard.


Photo Dec 13, 3 15 17 PM The electricity is routed from across the street from a street lamp and transformed to low voltage which is fed through the gates from under the ground. 2400 neopixel LEDs are controlled using an arduino mega 2560. Audio is analyzed using analog microphones and that information is used to control and determine RGB values and also to trigger predetermined LED animations when volume exceeds a certain threshold. The LEDs of each individual gate are controlled separately by the arduino.

Photo Nov 16, 3 59 26 PM

Photo Nov 20, 13 57 42

Photo Nov 15, 3 38 43 PM

Photo Nov 23, 3 45 22 PM Photo Nov 18, 11 08 27 AM