The Challenge

Comprising an alliance of more than 400,000 citizens and scientists, The Union of Concerned Scientists is a leading nonprofit organization that seeks to find innovative, practical solutions to our planet’s most pressing problems. In 2012 they launched the Half the Oil campaign, a detailed plan to cut America’s projected oil use in half in twenty years. As part of the campaign, they wanted to release a short video that encouraged people to embrace their cause.

The Solution

We created a two-minute animated film, Half the Oil. To avoid overwhelming or alienating the audience with scientific jargon, we kept the language simple and succinct, and displayed the crucial information in a large sans-serif font. We employed a simple color scheme, with shades of black and grey representing our current dependency on oil and shades of blue used to suggest the possibility of a brighter, less oil-dependent future. And we created simple, whimsical animations to capture the audience’s attention and help convey the film’s important message.

Partnerships & Community

Half the Oil was created in collaboration with musician Aaron Campbell, who provided the score, and animator Kunal Sen.

Commissioning Partner

Union of Concern Scientists


Concept Design, Content Development


December 2012