Family Style

Early September we were contacted by the amazing Jerri Chou, the founder of the feast conference for an interactive piece that would  listen to conference activity and conversations and find common themes and connections amongst the conference goers. Listening in on the twitter activity in the space was decided upon as a way to understand the going ons in the conference. Connections were tweeted out using a RFID readers and tags designed by a 3rd party vendor. We were given the task of designing the data art piece that was visualized the twitter activity and topic hashtags that the conference goers were connecting on.  Below are some of our explorations and the final design for what went on the walls of the pre-party space and LED screens of the conference space.

Feast_Data Viz Ideas_100113-08 Feast_Data Viz Ideas_100113-05 Feast_Data Viz Ideas_100113-06 Feast_Data Viz Ideas_100113-07 Feast_Data Viz Ideas_101113-01 Feast_Family Style_101213-02