Dinner Theater

‘Dinner Theater’ is a research project that visualizes cocktails and food ordered by the diners, through projections on the facade of the restaurant.

The Challenge

Restaurant dining has remained the same for ages. When food and entertainment are naturally paired together, it is as two distinct experiences which are mated alongside each other. We wanted to elevate the dining experience by blending it with an interactive experience which delights patrons and heightens the cuisine.

The Solution

Dinner theater is an audio visual project which changes the dining space into an immersive experience using real time projections of stories and animations related to the dishes that the diners order. The projections are initiated as soon as the server inputs the order into the restaurants digital ordering interface which directly communicates with the projection server. The project uses a storytelling approach where the diners can learn or understand more about what ingredients are present in their food and where these ingredients are being sourced from. The story uses fun visuals and sounds to augment the food experience to engage diners while they wait for their food. Dinner theater can be leased for a small fee by any food establishment wanting to augment the dining experience of their restaurant.

Partnerships & Community

Jean Claude Frajmund, Ryan Holsopple, Lianne Arnold, Aaron Campbell

Commissioning Partner

Self Initiated


Concept design, Content Design, Technology Development & Integration


May 2014


sketch projection in studio 2photography_550 veggies botanica_dinner_theatre_04

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