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Urban Matter Inc was in Louisville, Kentucky for a workshop and ideation session with the local arts and non profit organizations around communicating air quality data to the public. The workshop […]

Air quality, creative folks, ideation and Louisville, Kentucky
Family Style

It has been more than a month since Silent Lights was installed and we are happy to say that everything is running smoothly onsite. This winter has been unforgiving and […]

Weeknote#5 : Quick Update on Silent Lights

‘Unnatural Nature : Embracing the city by transforming industrial blight into urban amenity’ is the title of the article in Feb issue of the Metropolis magazine. Written by Karrie Jacobs, the article […]

Metropolis Mag, Feb 2014.

Urban Matter’s ‘Silent Lights’ turns New York City traffic noise into color.

Core 77

Silent Light installation illuminated sound pollution in Brooklyn.


Silent Lights: Noise-Activated LED Gates Illuminate Passageway Underneath Brooklyn Queens Expressway.


New public art display ‘Silent Lights’ unveiled under the BQE in Fort Greene

News 12

Brooklyn Installation Turns Traffic Noise Into An Exuberant Light Vista.

the Creator’s Project

  Silent Lights is finally up and running. It took us two and a half years to design, fund and build the project. 2013 was an important year for the […]

Installing Silent Lights

Early September we were contacted by the amazing Jerri Chou, the founder of the feast conference for an interactive piece that would  listen to conference activity and conversations and find […]

Family Style

How combining light and sound can help reveal local character.

Amber Waves

Oct 3rd to 5th 2012 marked the Feast Conference in NYC. We were invited to create an installation at the Feast Pavilion inspired by Open Source Ecology. We created a piece called […]

Amber Waves for the Feast Pavilion

Urban Matter Inc is also a partner in Artist Build Collaborative. On Sept 20th, we organized a fundraiser for our project Silent Lights at the Green Building. The space, food, […]

Silent Lights Fundraiser