Creating a space for collaboration

The Challenge

The Feast Conference is a gathering of designers, artists, and entrepreneurs who want to work together on projects that address society’s most challenging issues. In order to provide attendees with the opportunity to showcase their work at the 2013 conference, Feast collaborated with ABSOLUT in calling for proposals for a three-part interactive installation that would occupy a communal brainstorming space. We wanted to propose an artwork that would serve as the focal point of the room, and that would reflect the collaborative, creative nature of the space.

The Solution

We created Cumulus, a cluster of three cloud-like spaces that would provide a gathering point for the conference’s brainstorming sessions. Our project took inspiration from cumulus clouds, the puffy, low-lying clouds that resemble the thought bubbles we see in cartoons. The three clouds vary in size and each provides attendees with a different experience. Participants must crouch in order to enter the first cloud, which is mostly enclosed to provide an immersive and private experience. The second cloud’s enclosure is below eye level, offering partial immersion, while the third cloud floats a little higher, marking out a distinctive space but providing no enclosure. Patterns are projected on the surfaces of the clouds, and these patterns are visible from inside the structures as well as through the clouds’ translucent membrane. The patterns intensify in color and complexity when more “minds” are gathered under the clouds to brainstorm. In this way, the shimmering clouds reflect the brainstormers’ contribution of time and thought, and make plain the ever changing nature of collaboration.

The Technical Details

We planned to use a combination of motion sensing and projection mapping technologies to monitor the number of participants under the clouds and to map the projections to fit the clouds’ geometries. The clouds would be made from recycled parachute material.

Partnerships & Community

Cumulus was a proposal for The Feast: RFP For ABSOLUT Installation.

Commissioning Partner

Absolut & The Feast Conference


Concept Design, Physical Design


August 2013