12 months ago

Project updates

Upcoming Projects: Blue Print, our latest interactive installation for the Denver Arts & Venues located at Brighton Boulevard is in the process of being installed. We are expecting the project […]

3 years ago

Hello New Lab, Upcoming Projects, & Past News

Urban Matter Inc. has moved to a new hardware facility called New Lab in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. New Lab is a multidisciplinary space that supports entrepreneurs like us, who […]

4 years ago

Hello 2016

We welcomed 2016 by cleaning the studio, so we got the house in order and now we’re finally blogging again. The studio along with the blog got a bit sidelined by […]

5 years ago

Insights from our SXSW 2015 Core Conversation

On Mar 14th, Rick and I conducted a core conversation around the topic of ‘The Future of Physical Digital Placemaking’ at SXSW 2015 in Austin. Core conversations are formalized formats […]

5 years ago

Greensboro smart “Big Bang” event & Play Array Process

Urban Matter Inc. in partnership with 3×3 Design were selected as one of the finalists for the Development of a Downtown Artscape Vision Plan for Greensboro SmART Initiative. 3×3 is […]

5 years ago

Air quality, creative folks, ideation and Louisville, Kentucky

Urban Matter Inc was in Louisville, Kentucky for a workshop and ideation session with the local arts and non profit organizations around communicating air quality data to the public. The workshop […]

5 years ago

Weeknote#17 Hard Hats, 3D Prototypes & Studio Warming

Last week, we got the opportunity to visit the project site for our interactive art installation, at the Seaholm Redevelopment Project. The feature wall that sits at center of the […]

5 years ago

Weeknote#18 Upcoming Workshops, SXSW & Ateliê Urbano

We will be in Louisville, KY, in November to conduct a workshop with the City of Louisville, Creative Commons and other stakeholders involved in the Sensored City Project, including community leaders. […]

5 years ago

Weeknotes#16 Color Quotient, Afropunk Fest, & Sensored City

Silent Lights was featured on the 16th Issue of Color Quotient (spelt Colour Quotient in British English), a magazine focused on color, published by Asian Paints in India. According to […]

5 years ago

Weeknote#15 Scottsdale, Silent Lights and SXSW.

There are a few things to report this week. Last month we were awarded the opportunity to create a large scale interactive installation as a part of the Water + […]

5 years ago

Weeknote#13 Seaholm, ITP Camp, New Website & More

Weeknotes has been on a bit of a hiatus. There are times when one just has to get the work done and leave the blogging for later. We’ve had a […]

6 years ago

Weeknote#6 : Design Innovation is not quite dead

So far we’ve managed to post weekly. The posts have been primarily about ideas that we’ve been thinking and working towards, inspiration and updates on past projects. Even though there […]

6 years ago

Weeknote#14 Urban Matter Inc has moved to Dumbo

We moved our studio space to Plymouth Street in Dumbo last Friday. Urban Matter Inc was born in Red Hook. We were at a couple of spots in Red Hook which included […]

6 years ago

Weeknote#12 Summer Internships at Urban Matter Inc.

  We are looking for summer interns to help us with our communication outreach and design work this summer. Given that we dabble in so many mediums and focus on […]

6 years ago

Weeknote#11 Tools, technologies and a new website.

The studio was converted into a combination of kitchen and a photography studio for the past couple of weeks. We’ve been animating select vegetables for our upcoming project. As the […]

6 years ago

Weeknote#10 UMI in Scottsdale Arizona & an article on unexpected creativity

Last year we won a commission to create a light based interactive intervention at the Scottsdale Waterfront for the Canal Convergence Festival.“Canal Convergence is an annual series of engaging and inspiring […]

6 years ago

Weeknote#9 UMI at Artplace America Grantee Summit 2014

Artplace America organized their yearly grantee summit with a new Executive Director Jamie L. Bennett on March 3rd and 4th at the Omni Hotel in Downtown LA. Being one of the […]

6 years ago

Weeknote#8 Exploring Immersive Food Pop Up

We are working on an immersive food experience with our friend Jean Claude. He is a chef and does a pop up restaurant at Botanica, a cocktail bar in Red […]

6 years ago

Weeknote#7 : SVA Digital Design Class Studio Tour

We had our first educational studio tour. Geetika Agrawal, adjunct professor at SVA came in with her class of 6 undergraduate students from the Digital Design Program. Coming to our […]

6 years ago

Weeknote#5 : Quick Update on Silent Lights

It has been more than a month since Silent Lights was installed and we are happy to say that everything is running smoothly onsite. This winter has been unforgiving and […]

6 years ago

Weeknote #4 : Disrupting the food experience

Last week we continued brainstorming ideas around creating experience based interventions for events. We’ve started to look a bit at food based events given that we have a couple of […]

6 years ago

Weeknote #3 for 2014: Inspiration for fatigued creative minds

Last week was busy where we tried to push out our qualifications for number of experience driven projects. All of them required quick research and idea generation which was written […]

6 years ago

Weeknote #2 for 2014 : Rentable experiences for events

As we try to shake off the winter blues and polar vortices, we continue research & brainstorm sessions that we started at the end of last year. We are defining […]

6 years ago

Weeknote #1 for 2014 : Making and breaking in 2014

2013 ended well for us. We worked on some great projects that included installing Silent Lights, designing and installing a storytelling piece called Wise Words, designing and installing Family Style […]

6 years ago

Installing Silent Lights

  Silent Lights is finally up and running. It took us two and a half years to design, fund and build the project. 2013 was an important year for the […]

6 years ago

Family Style

Early September we were contacted by the amazing Jerri Chou, the founder of the feast conference for an interactive piece that would  listen to conference activity and conversations and find […]

6 years ago

New business cards, press, panel, grants and more.

The past six months have been filled with new ideas, people, processes and projects. Here is a quick run through of some of the things that we’ve been busy with. […]

7 years ago

Wise Words goes up

Our project Wise Words that was a part of the New Museum IDEAS CITY festival went up in the storefront of the architecture office GTECTS last week. The storefront was […]

7 years ago

Half the Oil Campaign Video is Live!

We’ve been working with Union of Concerned Scientists which is a science based non profit organization focused on clean energy and environmental causes. They started as a group of MIT grads […]

7 years ago

InfluencerCon Mumbai 2012

Designwala was a content partner for InfluencerCon Mumbai this year. This is the first time the conference has taken place in India. Influencer Conference (InfluencerCon) is the first of its kind global […]

7 years ago

Amber Waves for the Feast Pavilion

Oct 3rd to 5th 2012 marked the Feast Conference in NYC. We were invited to create an installation at the Feast Pavilion inspired by Open Source Ecology. We created a piece called […]

7 years ago

Silent Lights Fundraiser

Urban Matter Inc is also a partner in Artist Build Collaborative. On Sept 20th, we organized a fundraiser for our project Silent Lights at the Green Building. The space, food, […]

7 years ago

Articles for Kyoorius Magazine

For the past few months I have been contributing to a quarterly design publication in India called Kyoorius which is an initiative by Transasia Fine Papers. Their main focus is […]

7 years ago

13th International Architecture Exhibition la Biennale di Venezia

We were in Venice for the opening of the US pavilion as a part of the 13th International Architecture Exhibition. The pavilion won a special mention at the biennale. It […]

7 years ago

ARTfarm at the 13th International Venice Architecture Biennale

One of our projects which was done under the umbrella of Architecture for Humanity New York Chapter and as a part of the AFHny Studio was accepted into the U.S. Pavilion […]

8 years ago

Why Urban Matter ?

My project partner, Valeria who is working with me on Silent Lights, asked about the name ‘Urban Matter’. I couldn’t remember exactly why we started calling ourselves that. I did […]