Bare Branches

The Challenge

For her solo exhibition at the Shrine Empire Gallery in New Delhi, artist Fariba Salma Alam created Lace of Stars, a mixed media show that incorporated photography, projection mapping, and tile and textile installations. Ms. Alam invited us to collaborate with her on one of the pieces for this show. We wanted our contribution to incorporate Alam’s visual influences, such as biological patterns, mathematical diagrams, and constellations. We also sought to echo the show’s thematic interests, which included notions of flight, migration, and hidden voices, as well as ideas concerning violence against women and resistance in the face of this brutality. And we also wanted to explore the interplay between shadow and light and between soft and rigid forms, as these were crucial elements of Alam’s show.

The Solution

We created Bare Branches, a projection mapping piece that played out against a pyramidical foam and acrylic wall sculpture. The projections depict water, stars, birds in flight, and a dune-like female body silhouetted against discordant geometric shapes. The projection plays on a six-minute loop, its elements slowly revealed and then hidden again by a series of black squares. These ever-changing images and the interplay of light and shadow tie together the disparate threads of Alam’s exhibition.

Commissioning Partner

Fariba Alam


Concept Design, Physical Design, Technical Development


December 2013