Urban Matter Inc. creates experiences using Storytelling, Data visualizations and Participation.

About Us:

Urban Matter Inc is an interdisciplinary experience design studio based out of New Lab in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. It was founded in 2012 by Shagun Singh and Rick Lin.

Shagun Singh is an interaction designer with a background in architecture. Rick Lin is a creative technologist with an interest in film and video and a background in sculpture and installation.

Together, we create work that tells stories, visualizes information, and inspires interaction. We believe that compelling narratives and thoughtfully designed spaces make our lives better. Working at the intersection of design, technology, and community, we craft environments and experiences that delight, surprise, and engage.

Urban Matter Inc has worked with a variety of partners and clients, including government organizations like the New York City Department of Transportation and cultural organizations and nonprofits like the New Museum, The Bronx Museum of Arts, Brooklyn Arts Council, Architecture for Humanity, The Red Hook Initiative, Feast Conference, and Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership among others.

Our Silent Lights project was awarded the Artplace America grant for excellence in creative-placemaking and the Black Rock Foundation grant for interactive art and civic participation. We’ve also won the Community Arts Fund Award from Brooklyn Arts Council, the Local Arts Support Award from NYSCA, and the Urban Arts Program Grant from the NYC DOT two years in a row.

Our work was shown as part of the US Pavilion’s “Spontaneous Interventions: Design Actions for the Common Good” exhibit at the Venice Biennale 2012 and at the New Museum IDEAS CITY Festival in May 2013. We have spoken on the topic of parallel urbanism and community-driven modernization on various panels, including The Intersection of Architecture & Public Art for Innovative Community Revitalization at the Center for Architecture 2011; The Social Life of Public Spaces at the Venice Biennale 2012; and The Future of Work panel at World Architecture Day 2013.

We collectively believe that lives can be improved through thoughtfully designed spaces by pushing the boundaries of design, technology and community participation.

What we do:

  • Strategic Overview

    High-level planning and thinking about what kind of intervention would create the maximum impact for the client and community. This could involve creating partnerships with local organizations, outreach and research pertaining to the community and context.

  • Concept Development

    Development of experiential intervention ideas based on both research and intuition. This could take the shape of a storyboard, schematics, sketches, 3D renderings or animations, or 3D models.

  • Physical Design

    From hand sketches and quick-and-dirty Photoshop visualizations, we develop 3D forms and renderings. We work closely with vendors and manufacturers to provide them with schematics. Whenever possible, we test prototypes in the studio, where we all get to interact with the objects we design.

  • Content Development

    Development of stories and data art using interactive media, videos, animations and more. We develop content that best tells the story or represents the data.

  • Technical Development

    Using cutting-edge open source technologies, we explore, discover, and bring to life our experience design through natural user interfaces, and collect and analyze data for deeper understanding of the contexts in which we work. Services include: physical computing, prototyping, web applications, big data design, and projection mapping.


63 Flushing Avenue, Building 128
Brooklyn, NY 11205
E info@urbanmatterinc.com


Applying for Interships

We’re always on the look out for skilled and enthusiastic interns. Please email us at info@urbanmatterinc.com and let us know a little bit about yourself and your work, including a link to your website. Please put “Internship Application: Your Name Here” in the subject line.

Applying for Jobs

As a small studio we do not hire often, but we’re always on the look out for talented people to work with. Email us at info@urbanmatterinc.com and please include a link to your website. Please put “Job Application: Your Name Here” in the subject line.


Marcel Marquez - industrial designer

As a designer, Marcel is always thinking of new ways to innovate, whether it be large or small scale. He is always thinking big, but at the same time pays special attention to detail. With a background in Industrial Design from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Marcel's ideas focus mainly on how people experience the world. His passion lies in how people interact with an object, a space, or even another person. Marcel has always had an interest in public design; things and spaces that are openly accessible to everyone at anytime. He believes that good design should be experienced by as many people as possible. Always on the go, Marcel loves exploring new places and meeting new people. Experiencing many different things gives him new perspective, which helps him expand his view of the world and ultimately implement it in his designs.

Contact Marcel at marcel@urbanmatterinc.com

Heeju Choi - architectural designer

A thinker, questioner, and explorer at heart, Heeju believes that old buildings and abandoned spaces have stories to tell. Her background in Interior Architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design has nurtured her appreciation for redesigning spaces and giving life to underused spaces. Heeju's personal interests are architecture and spatial design, film, and set/stage design. Her curiosities and creative vision lies in exploring people's perceived experience and perception of space through application of forms and spatial gestures, while studying innate qualities and characteristics of geometry and form. Heeju believes that strong design comes from thorough study of history, background, precedent studies, and understanding the human instinct and their learned experience.

Contact Heeju at heeju@urbanmatterinc.com

Shagun Singh - principal

Shagun is an interaction designer with a background in architecture. She received her Masters from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at Tisch School of Arts, NYC, and completed her undergrad studies at the Center for Environmental Planning and Technology at Ahmedabad, India. Her work focuses on bridging the gap between people, technology, and spaces. Before starting Urban Matter Inc, Shagun worked in acclaimed design and architecture studios like frog, C&G Partners, 2x4, Antenna Design, Method Inc, SOM, and Local Projects. In the educational realm she has worked for the National Institute of Design in India and in NYU’s Advanced Media Studio as a design and technology consultant. Shagun is passionate about design and technology, and their impact on the urban environment. She also runs Designwala, a blog that looks at design thinking in the developing world.

Contact Shagun at shagun@urbanmatterinc.com

Rick Lin - principal

Rick Lin is an artist and creative technologist with a background in sculpture, photography, and filmmaking. After receiving his degree in Fine Arts from Oberlin College in 1996, he went on to broadcast television and filmmaking, working for public relations firm Burson-Marsteller. Always interested in innovation and creative thinking, Rick joined Meaningful Machines in 2001, where he worked on a small, elite team of technologists developing artificial intelligence, distributed programming, big data, data mining, natural language translation, and specialized search engines for web applications. After a decade of developing in a start up environment, he left to pursue his creative side at Urban Matter Inc, where he lends his diverse skills to projects involving new media/ film /TV and social media applications for internet and interactive installations.

Contact Rick at rick@urbanmatterinc.com