Weeknote#5 : Quick Update on Silent Lights

It has been more than a month since Silent Lights was installed and we are happy to say that everything is running smoothly onsite. This winter has been unforgiving and we sure had our fair share of snow and arctic temperatures, but we are glad that the project is staying lit, and providing a little moment of distraction in the drab commute.

Offsite we are getting ready to reach out to Designers Lighting Forum of New York and Red Hook Initiative for future workshops and events. We are pleased to have received some prestigious press, we’ve appeared on Creators Project, Core77, Inhabitat and Metropolis amongst other publications. Dwell has also shown interest in featuring the project in its online edition.

We have been checking up on the installation and have been impressed with the endurance of the LEDs in the outdoor environment. However, one day when the temperature reached the fifties, one of the gates was not lit, this means that by spring time, everyone will surely welcome the warmer weather but our installation might need some maintenance as it seems to prefer a continuous winter wonderland.

Silent Lights

Silent Lights surviving the cold, wintery weather