Weeknotes has been on a bit of a hiatus. There are times when one just has to get the work done and leave the blogging for later. We’ve had a [...]

Weeknote#13 Seaholm, ITP Camp, New Website & More

Silent Lights

We moved our studio space to Plymouth Street in Dumbo last Friday. Urban Matter Inc was born in Red Hook. We were at a couple of spots in Red Hook which included [...]

Weeknote#14 Urban Matter Inc has moved to Dumbo

Family Style

Bare Branches

Works that Work is a magazine about unexpected creativity.  Shagun contributed an article about an inventor in India – Arunachalam Muruganantham who invented a machine that can create sanitary pads for [...]

Works that Work, Issue 3, Spring 2014

Wise Words


So far we’ve managed to post weekly. The posts have been primarily about ideas that we’ve been thinking and working towards, inspiration and updates on past projects. Even though there [...]

Weeknote#6 : Design Innovation is not quite dead

Unnatural Nature : Embracing the city by transforming industrial blight into urban amenity.


  We are looking for summer interns to help us with our communication outreach and design work this summer. Given that we dabble in so many mediums and focus on [...]

Weeknote#12 Summer Internships at Urban Matter Inc.

Bangladeshi-American artist Fariba Alam uses geomteric angles, pixels and mathematical diagrams to define themes of migration and travel.

Daily Pioneer

The studio was converted into a combination of kitchen and a photography studio for the past couple of weeks. We’ve been animating select vegetables for our upcoming project. As the [...]

Weeknote#11 Tools, technologies and a new website.