Blue Print

Upcoming Projects: Blue Print, our latest interactive installation for the Denver Arts & Venues located at Brighton Boulevard is in the process of being installed. We are expecting the project […]

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Essential Pantry

Golden Afternoon

Urban Matter Inc. has moved to a new hardware facility called New Lab in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. New Lab is a multidisciplinary space that supports entrepreneurs like us, who […]

Hello New Lab, Upcoming Projects, & Past News

In an episode of the APL Volumes podcast, Cultural Arts Division staff member Calder Kamin interviews Urban Matter Inc. about public art and their new artwork Golden Afternoon, a public art installation in the Seaholm Redevelopment commissioned by Austin Art in Public Places.

Austin Public Library Podcast

Pop Up Confessional

Sound Tree

We welcomed 2016 by cleaning the studio, so we got the house in order and now we’re finally blogging again. The studio along with the blog got a bit sidelined by […]

Hello 2016

Play Array : An Urban Pong Game

Great shots of Golden afternoon and insightful sound bytes from John Rosato, principal of Southwest Strategies Group in Austin, on City View, City of Austin Government Access Channel.

Golden Afternoon on City View


On Mar 14th, Rick and I conducted a core conversation around the topic of ‘The Future of Physical Digital Placemaking’ at SXSW 2015 in Austin. Core conversations are formalized formats […]

Insights from our SXSW 2015 Core Conversation

Silent Lights was showcased as part of one of the DOT improvement case studies in the ‘Under the Elevated’ project publication by Design Trust for Public Space.

Under the Elevated

Silent Lights